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obligatory friends cleanout warning

So some of you have been taken off my friends list. Some of you are inactive journals, some of you are people I just don't really talk to anymore. Nothing personal for the most of you. Really. Hopefully you don't take it that way.

If you can be bothered, please remove me from yours as well, since everything I post is friends-only.
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ooh fun meme.

1. Open your audio player of choice.
2. Load all your music in a playlist - and put the shuffle-mode on
3. Find a picture of the first 20 artists. If the same artist comes again, skip.
4. Have your friends guess who the artists are.

5. theadman can only guess 7 of them max, because he knows most of these and it's not fair if he steals them all ;x
6. I did 21. Because of the Adam thing. And cause this is a public post for once. And one of these should be rediculously easy if you know me. I know. I'm such a rulebreaker.
7. By tomorrow, if any aren't guessed, I'll add a hint or two for the ones not guessed. edit: hints added!

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sing us a song

What's this, a public post? Blasphemy.

So yes. I went to see OK Go in Seminole, Florida. I scheduled a trip out of little old Ohio down to visit my brother in Clearwater, just in time to see OK Go as I was there, because I missed all three shows in Ohio since I flew out to England to visit my fiance. Ouch. Anyhow. You're probably not here to read about my adventures, you're probably here because (hopefully) Jorge is down with me, and has linked me as being down with OPP on OK Go's Blog. Yeah.

So here are entirely too many pictures from the OK Go show at the Boiler Room in Seminole, Florida on April 15, 2005. I am aware there are tons of Damian pics and a good portion probably look alike, but you can never have too much Damian or OK Go. They're like those potato chips, but can play their instruments better.
Feel free to save them for personal use (Although I'm not sure why you would because there are many better pictures out there), and ask if you want to post them elsewhere, or at least give credit/don't crop/edit the photos. Hurrah!

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If you're on dialup but still want to have a look, or if my photobucket bandwidth goes dry, I suggest going directly to my photobucket account and browsing through them that way. There's more pictures there than here, as well, for anyone who wants to look at even more photos. Actually, those of you who really want to see the pictures should probably just go directly to the photobucket account rather than clicking the above link.

For the main show pictures its:

And the dance encore pictures:

And now I am tired and going to go sleep.
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