She's got a car crash for a soul

Jezebel Seven
15 February

I am a 23 year old fluffy catgirl from Ohio. I get frustrated with my lack of self approval, feel like I have very little talent, and am insanely shy in real life. I enjoy a wide mix of music, but it typically stays in the 'rock' side, vs the pop side. Music is a big part of my life. If you're curious to see how varied it is, though, there's always my audioscrobbler.
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I also love video games. I'm not hugely into competition, but I muck around on Cyberscore and occasionally submit scores, but rarely update them (with the exception of Katamari Damacy). I, however, love nothing more than sitting in a room with 3 people, grabbing the fourth controller, then proceeding to whallop them. >:D
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I am easily amused, a romantic, a dreamer. I am caring, shy, creative to a point with no outlet for it. Sarcasm is my best friend, I rant about things and do nothing about them. I tend to ramble at times. I try to be openminded about a lot of things.

I am friendly, I do my best not to bite, though I have my bad moments too.

This journal contains lots of rambling, mostly about my favorite bands/obsessions, Biffy Clyro, and Feeder, my was-long-distance-fiance-now-living-with-husband Adam
(theadman), and complaints about my dysfunctional family (though I try to keep them at a minimum. But hey, what's a livejournal without at least a monthly emo whinefest?). Consider yourself warned if you choose to proceed and are added to my friends list that this journal is nothing special.

Marriage is love.
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